Hanuman Mandir (Temple) Allahabad

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Hanuman Mandir (Temple) Allahabad

Hanuman Mandir ( Hanuman Temple) also called ‘Bade Hanuman Ji’, is a unique temple situated near the Allahabad Fort & The Sangam Kshetra. It is the only temple where you can see to Lord Hanuman is in a recline posture (Lete Hue Hanuman Ji). A number of devotees, who visit the Sangam, do come at this temple to pray and bow their heads & ask Lord Bade Hanuman JI to protect them from the sins. Every morning you could feel the holiness of the temple with the sound of the bells and the echo of the mantras. These mantras makes whole atmosphere pleasant and purifies the negative vibrations of the air.

The Hanuman temple is around 6miles (10 km) from the Allahabad Railway station & around 10 miles (15 kilometres) from the Bambrauli Airport Allahabad.

An interesting fact about this Temple is that the Lord Hanuman (Monkey-God) gets submerged when the water level of the river Ganga rises up. The mythical story regarding this Temple says that the water of the Ganga rises to touch the Lord Hanuman’s feet. Hanuman Mandir has emerged as a major tourist attraction in Allahabad, Also this temple is very famous because at any time of the year the people from all religion and all walks of life can visit this temple

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