Dastak Career Coaching Allahabad

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Dastak Career Coaching Allahabad

Dastak-Career Coaching Allahabad is one of the best coaching institute in Allahabad. The teachers of Career Coaching is incredible and help a lot to their students to reach their zenith and forge new paths towards the success. Initially Career and Dastak were two different institutes but currently these institutes are having a joint venture and known as Dastak- Career Coaching. Every year, more than 12000 students prepare themselves for different examinations (SSC, Engineering, IAS, PCS etc.) and about 2000 students take final selections in various renowned examinations.

Address of Dastak-Career Coaching Allahabad:

Dastak Career Coaching
13, Kamla Nehru Road , Allahabad
Phone No. : 0532 -2407428 , 3291384, 3295444,
Mobile No : +91-9415252965 , +91-9415305888 ,
+91-8004486460 , +91-9415284989
Email id : info@dastakcareercoaching.com

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